The modern decoration style envisages the use of each item according to its purpose and in a space-efficient manner. If you prefer not to overwhelm your home with too many details but still create a chic look, then modern style suits you. Although there are different variations of modern decoration styles such as Medieval modern and Contemporary, the core idea remains the same. They all abide by the principle of “less is more.”

Let’s talk about the defining characteristics of the modern decoration style. Simplicity, minimalist decoration, matte and metallic color tones, geometric shapes, and the overall magnificent composition are some of the key features. These characteristics, which distinguish modern style from other decoration styles, are effective in creating elegant and practical living spaces. First, let’s talk about simplicity. In modern style decoration, you can see the influences of minimalism. According to the modern style, simplicity brings a sophisticated look along with it. The sophisticated appearance brought by simple decoration created with the right and striking pieces is characteristic of modern style.

Now, let’s talk about the colors favored in modern decoration. While the favorite colors of modern decoration are tones such as white, gray, black, and chrome, modern decoration style also appreciates the energy of vibrant colors. What’s important in modern decoration style is to use colors within a certain composition. The use of contrasting colors together or monochromatic color designs are also among the decoration ideas applied in modern style.

Geometric forms are prominent figures in modern decoration style. If you want to create a modern touch from your furniture to the smallest accessories, you should take advantage of geometric shapes. You should also frequently use geometric patterns, zigzags, and striped designs in the flooring of your modern-style home.

When selecting accessories that will beautify your home in a modern style, you can rely on frameless mirrors and large-scale paintings. In large paintings, drawings inspired by art movements like Cubism complement the sharp-edged texture of modern decoration. Mirrors, an accessory that finds its place in every decoration style, look quite elegant in modern decoration with geometric designs. If you are curious about the effect mirrors create in decoration, you can explore more from here.

Lighting fixtures play a significant role in reflecting the character of your decoration style. The lighting fixtures reflecting the character of the modern decoration style are generally referred to as lampshades and pendant chandeliers. As we mentioned before, vibrant colors also have a place in modern style. Here, lighting is a good option in this regard. Choosing lampshades or pendant chandeliers in deep colors will create the energy that adapts to the color scheme of the environment. You can find more information and numerous example photos of the effect of lighting in decoration from here.

How Should the Living Room Decoration be According to the Modern Style?

For the modern style living room decoration, you should decorate according to the general rule. Let’s recall the general rule: “Less is more.” Within this rule, remove any details from your living room that are not necessary. Let’s start with the essential elements for every living room: sofas. According to the modern decoration style, the sofa sets you choose should be low and wide in design. As for color, you can use shades of gray, neutral tones, and matte but eye-catching colors like petrol blue. Here, what you need to pay attention to is that the dark color you choose is spread over as little area as possible. In other words, it should be used with the lowest ratio in the color composition of your living room.

If you have space for a coffee table in your modernly decorated living room, take advantage of coffee tables with geometric forms. If a coffee table narrows your space, you can also use zigzag-shaped coffee tables, which are also in geometric design. If your living room combines dining and seating areas, do not deviate from geometric forms in the dining section either. James chairs with a wooden table or a table and chairs shaped with the sharp designs of metal will be suitable for you.

If you choose your lighting according to the modern style, you should lean more towards floor lamps and pendant chandeliers than other types of lighting fixtures. If your living room’s dining and seating areas are together, a floor lamp in the seating area and a pendant chandelier in the dining area will look quite beautiful. You can find examples of modern chandeliers and detailed information from here.

When choosing curtains for the modern-style living room, opt for curtains that will create a simple and chic look that integrates with your environment. In this sense, Japanese curtains and vertical sheer curtains are good options for the modern style. You can use curtains in solid colors or modern style patterns like zigzags. You can find detailed information and example photos about curtains from here.

How Should Kitchen Decoration be According to the Modern Style?

When decorating your kitchen in modern style, you should arrange it to create as much usability as possible. Acrylic kitchen cabinets, which create an aesthetic appearance, look even more beautiful when combined with the colors favored by the modern style. So, what colors do modern-style kitchens like? Tones of gray, white, and black merged with wood are some of the main colors that modern style loves. You can find numerous examples and detailed information about modern kitchens from here.

How Should Bedroom Decoration be According to the Modern Style?

Let’s start with the bed when decorating a modern-style bedroom. The bed shape most loved by modern style is the low and wide form. By using palettes for your bed decorated according to modern style, you can also create a difference. You can use a floor lamp for the lighting of your bedroom. If you want an alternative to lampshade lighting for your bedroom, you can also choose metal geometric-shaped pendant chandeliers.

When choosing curtains for your bedroom, you can prefer Japanese curtains, which best reflect the spirit of the modern style. Another option is sheer curtains.

How Should Bathroom Decoration be According to the Modern Style?

For a modern bathroom look, take advantage of glossy tiles. Glossy tiles make the walls and floors look striking. If you want to feel the modern style in every square meter of your bathroom, be sure to use tiles in shades of gray. If you have created a bathroom decoration mainly in gray, choosing a bathroom cabinet in wooden tones will create a perfect contrast. You can use spot LED lighting fixtures in the lighting types you choose for your modern bathroom. This way, you ensure that certain parts are highlighted and create an interesting look in the environment.

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